Do you know your SolePath? Here's why that matters.

If you're on this website, chances are you either linked directly from our company's main site,, or you found us through one of our many mainstream news media appearances.  What matters is that you're here now.  That's half the battle.

SolePath+ ("SolePath Plus") exists as a communications medium to host company news, media appearances and announcements without getting in the way of any of our parent website's SolePath methodology and process content.  Our philosophy is simple: Everyone should know their SolePath.  To achieve this we measure your energetics and give you your best lifehack ever.  You can be the person you've always strived to be... and the person the world needs you to be.

Under the masterful instruction of Dr. Debra Ford, students of this powerful and unique discipline will obtain the tools needed to meet any social, romantic, business or spiritual challenge.  In a time when information is moving at lightening speeds; when competition is fiercer than it's ever been before, SolePath dares you to look in the mirror and ask yourself in all honesty:  "Am I truly the person I'm destined to be?"

"Where do I begin?"


It's easier than you think. As fate would have it, your personal journey of discovery is beginning at a most opportune time.  A five-day retreat to Portugal will be taking place in May 2020.  Due to overwhelming interest, the enrollment process has actually begun one full year before the event is scheduled to take place.  This is not only testament to SolePath's sterling reputation, popularity and success; it is also a loud and clear message that you should not delay, as spots are filling up routinely as you read this very sentence.

"Is this really so urgent?"


We'll answer your question with a few questions of our own:

Are you willing to miss the ultimate opportunity to find direction in your life?  Have you tried (and failed) to find answers elsewhere?  If your throat were thirsty would you not drink?  If your stomach were hungry would you not eat?  Then why would you not want to nourish your soul, the core of your very being?  This is precisely what our students will be doing on this beautiful, enriching Portugal Retreat.  At the very least, don't you deserve a vacation? 


The Getaway


Do you know the blue feeling that sets in, oh, about one week after you return home from a great holiday?  Songs you listened to on vacation suddenly take on new, heartbreaking qualities, making you long for the freedom, the carefree abandon, and the relaxed atmosphere of a time which now exists only in your memory.  Then, you find yourself making plans, moving things around in your mind.  'Hmmm.  Could I feasibly take another holiday in a month or two?'  

You'd do anything to get that feeling back.  The sunny days, the cool nights, the big laughs, the special bonds with new and interesting people, the strange comfort of feeling far-flung in a distant, beautiful land... all of it.  

Well, right now you have the unique ability to be able to see all of this before it happens.  You will see beautiful days and nights.  You will meet amazing people and hear fabulous music.  But, best of all, you'll learn more about yourself than you've ever learned in your lifetime.  Portugal 2020 is not a frivolous getaway, but it's also not hard work.  It's a spiritual journey whose memories and teachings will last forever and shape the person you become.  

The Details


Classes will be hosted at the Bela Vista Hotel and Spa in Portimao, on the Algarve, Portugal.  Retreat content will include mindfulness teachings on the Tao, small steps towards transformation, towards happiness.  Refreshment around your awareness of life, the beauty of single moments. 

Class will run from 8:00 am till 11:00 am each day, with lots of time for personal contemplation and for enjoying the perfection of the Portuguese Algarve.  Between large expanses of spiritual discovery you will be able to enjoy the beautiful beaches and reaches of coastal Portugal. 

For the price of less than one small coffee per day, you could achieve deep personal growth, while enjoying a totally amazing beach holiday in one of the most beautiful places on earth.  The overall investment is $485 (Canadian) and this includes all five days of teachings and all course materials.  

For additional details please visit the booking page here.


Portugal 2020


This is the part where you're probably expecting the 'hard sell.'  The final push to get you to join the retreat.  But that's not our style here at SolePath.  We believe that you must want to find your SolePath first, otherwise there's no sense in working together.  

You have the facts.  Only you know if your soul deserves this special treatment.  Only you know if you're ready to find the elusive direction in life which you've always been missing.  The 'Ok I'm Ready' button below is ready when you are.  So do yourself a favor: Take action now, before it's too late.